Episode 5

Published on:

27th Apr 2022

S3 Ep 4: High Score

Gino buys a very distracting video game, much to the annoyance of most of the crew of The Green Horizon.

Created and Written by Paul Walsh


Kieran Walsh as Gino Whelan

Caoimhe Walsh as Sonya Halley

Steven Stubbs as Bernard Dooley

Amy Jackman as Jilly Whelan

Paul Walsh as Peter Savage

Amy Rothwell as RedBekka Roy


Danny Young as Primus Cydron


Sourced from Freemusicarchive.org

Augmentations by Kai Engel

Prophet Punk by Sputnik Booster


SFX sourced on Freesound.org:

CosmicD- Engine_Hum_New.wav

ddunkley- footsteps on metal.wav

Qubodup- Sci fi Laboratory Ambience

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Season 3 Episode 4

High Score

Int: The cockpit of The Green Horizon. Gino is sat back in his captain's chair...His recorder clacks and he begins to speak:

: Captain's log...The year is:

Gino Sighs, and takes a drag from his cigarrette. In the distance, SONYA approaches.

G: [Exhaling the smoke] In other news, I found this wart on me toe the size of a grape.

S: Ew!

G: Ah!

Gino throws his recorder, it smashes.

G: Ah for fuck...I just fixed it!

S: Such a travesty that future generations won't be able to hear the memoirs of Captain Gino Whelan, and his Grape Toe.

G: [sniffs] Oh Sonya...No offense but, you smell like mauldy socks.

S: Says the man who goes around perpetually stinking up the place in a coat that reeks of sour milk.

G: [Holding nose] Oh god...I didn't hear anything you said...What with the smelliness.

S: Well...My clothes wouldn't be crawling...If the person on laundry duty didn't leave them in the washing machine for 2 days.

G: He sounds handsome.

S: No, he's not handsome...He's deeply frustrating.

G: Could you not change your clothes?

S: No...I want you to suffer.

Peter appears

P: Oh hey guys!

G: [quiet groan]

P: Gino, on a scale of 1 to 10...How many turtles can I buy at this Marketship?

S: Why do you want turtles Peter?

G: No, no, no don't engage him.

P: I'm glad you asked Sonya!

G: Oh for fuck-

P: It's a part of a new experimental range of abstract expressionism using brussel sprouts, a white sheet and a bale of turtles! That's the collective noun for-

G: Dear god! Firstly.... No! No! No! No! Where's my spray bottle?

P: Awh.

G: Secondly, could ye'e both get out? Yer both absolutely ponging.

S: Did Gino feck up your washing too Peter?

P: Huh? [laughs] Oh no. I just fell asleep in the crawlspace looking for my favourite yellow paintbrush.

G: The one behind your ear?

P: Behind my...Oh! There it is! [chuckles] It's always the last place you look aint it?


S: I'm gonna go change.

G: [agreeing] Yeah.


Int: RedBekka's room. Bernard knocks and enters.

B: Becks?

RR: What?

B: I was just coming to see how you are. You missed breakfast this morning.

RR: I wasn't hungry.

B: [laughs] Yeah well...Gino attempted waffles so, you're probably better off. He mistook washing powder for sugar...God knows what he's done to my favourite brown chords.

RR: [Half-hearted] Hm.

B: So...Today's your first official day as a Junior Officer...How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous?

RR: [shrugs] Meh.

B: Is this about Parker Brett?

RR: How do you do it Bernard?

B: Do what?

RR: This. Space life.

B: Well...I like to think I do it with a certain amount of endearing charm.

RR: It's just...We've been lied to & fucked over so many times I've lost count. When I worked in the Dragon, everybody was an asshole so...I just learned to treat them all like one. But up here...With you guys...I can't tell.

B: Where would you rather be?

RR: With you guys. But that's the problem...How long do we really have? 7 years is a helluva lot of assholes to outsmart.

B: We've done pretty well for ourselves so far.

RR: So far. But we've still got enemies. A lot of enemies.

B: And we'll beat them.

RR: How are you so sure?

B: Because...If we can survive Gino's cooking...We can survive anything.

Gino comes in over the Tannoy

G: Attention everyone. Could ye'e all make your way to the Airlock for a special surprise. This is your handsome Captain Whelan, over and out.

Tannoy cuts out

B: Speak of the devil. Are you coming?

RR: Yeah...I'll be down in a minute...I just gotta figure out how to put on these Junior Officer Suspenders.

B: Is that tinsel?

RR: [sighs] He's fucking with me isn't he?


Int: The airlock of The Green Horizon. ALL CAST.

Gino stands proudly beside a large, retro-looking arcade machine that he's hidden under a white sheet. He pulls down the sheet:

G: Behold!

S: What the feck is that?

G: It's an old arcade machine! I was coming back from the Wholesalers with the supplies for The Providence when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this little beauty sitting in a Pawnshop!

S: And are those the supplies over there in the Cargo Hold?

G: Yes but...Ye're not appreciating how cool this thing is? Imagine how much fun I'm going to have?

Sonya checks the supplies in the background.

J: Don't you mean 'we'?

G: No, I paid for it so it's going into my room.

S: I have 0 problem with that.

RR: How much was it?

G: That's the mad bit...50 credits!

RR: Maybe it's because it's broken.

G: Well he assured me a money-back-guarantee. Also, where are your Junior Officer Suspenders?

RR: Get fucked.

G: That's 'Get Fucked' Sir to you.

B: Well I could check the electronics to see if it's working but...[Taps the back of the arcade machine] There doesn't seem to be a panel or...Screws or anything. It's like one big solid block.

G: It's a sturdy build sher. They don't make 'em like this anymore!

B: I don't think they ever made them like this. That casing is derived Resilium...I've never seen anything like it.

P: Can I play?

G: Well...I have first Bagsies and...It is mine so, how about you let me play the first 10 thousand hours and then we'll see.

P: Sweet.

Sonya joins the group after checking the supplies

S: Right, so I just checked the supply cache's and everything seems to be there. If there's nothing else I think we should head for The Providence.

G: Eh, well there is one more thing...The game kinda broke the handcart so...I'll need a bit of help lifting this bad boy to my room...If ye'e wouldn't mind-

S: Nope.

J: No way!

RR: Yeah right.

B: Not a hope.

G: Right....[sarcastic] Looks like it's staying here in the Airlock...Great.

J: Is there a plug for it?

G: [sighs] Yeah...Ah feck...The socket's all the way over there. Peter, if you get me the extension cord, you can play this in 9,999 hours!

P: What a bargain! Where is it?

J: I think it's on the Landing.

P: The what?

G: Upstairs hallway.

Running away

P: Why do you guys have such weird names for things?


Int: The Airlock of The Green Horizon. ALL CAST.

P: Okay Gino, that should do it.

G: Okay [inhales] Let's go.

Gino presses the on button


Gino presses it again



G: Fuck sake.

B: I hope you kept the receipt.

J: Hang on, somethings happening.

The arcade machine flickers on. Lots of beeps, generic arcade sounds and music. (Baroque musical loop2 by Zagi2)

G: 'Chase The Dragon: A Fantasy Simulator. Take your character from peasant to Knight and defeat the mightiest beasts in the realm to ascend the throne.' Deadly.

S: Well, I'm going to head to the cockpit and initiate departure procedures. You know, do our real jobs Gino.

G: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

J: I'm going to make some tea... I'm still off duty till 3. Peter we still on for dinner tonight?

P: Sure! I'm uh, gonna stick around for a bit, watch Gino play.

G: Okay, but no backseat driving!

J: No bother, see you later love.

They Kiss

RR: Gross.

Jilly walks away

B: Gino? Are you not going to comment on that?

G: [Not listening] What?

B: They just kissed in front of you?

G: I'm going to call myself Argyle The Swift!

P: Oooh sweet!

B: [sighs] I've got engine maintenance to do...Have fun.

RR: Gino?

G: What?

RR: Junior Officer Training?

P: Ooh loot the chest!

G: Yes I see it!

RR: Gino!

G: Feck...Just, go to the cockpit...Help Sonya. I'll be up soon.

RR: [sighs] Fine.

RedBekka leaves

P: You should pick the Warrior Totem.

G: What did I tell you!!!???


Int: The Cockpit of The Green Horizon. SONYA and REDBEKKA

S: Initiating decoupling procedure.

Computer beeps, The Green Horizon lifts up from the docking platform of The New Spokane.

S: We're away.

RR: Fucking Hooray.

S: Activating Burner in 3...2....1....-

Booster jet fires

S: Spaceflight initiatied at:

RR: [Sighs loudly]

S: First Officer Sonya Halley.

Sonya turns the captain's chair toward RedBekka.

S: Are you alright?

RR: This is soooo boring.

S: Interstellar missions aren't all gun battles and space chases you know? In fact, it's a very small if not non-existant part for many...We sadly are a bit of an outlier. Most of the time it's safety checks, log entries and the occasional system diagnostic.

RR: I'll save the date for that one.

S: Look, I know you're dissapointed that Gino's not here yet.

RR: He's too busy playing that stupid game.

S: [sighs] You know what he's like. He gets distracted by shiny objects...Like a Magpie. I know he said he'd start work early for your first day...But his shift starts at 11 so he'll be here in a few minutes.

RR: [sighs] Whatever.

S: Okay...Look, I'll go down and get him now. I'm sure he can tear himself away 5 minutes early for you.

RR: [Sulky] Thanks.

S: The ships on autopilot for now, just keep an eye for the usual shite...You know, Pirates, Puritans...Multi-Level Marketers.

RR: [Still Sulky] Fine.

S: [sighs] I'll be back in a minute.

Sonya walks away.


Int: The Airlock. SONYA, PETER & GINO are staring at the screen.


RR: There you are! Sonya I waited an hour for you to come back.

S: [distracted] What?

RR: Are you seriously watching Gino play that stupid game?

S: It's not stupid it's...It's amazing. I could just watch it forever.

P: Gino your horse is dirty.

G: Where's my horse comb?

S: I think you left it in the rucksack back at the cabin in Glorydale.

G: Fuck sake, I'm just at the Marshes of the Forgotten Vale...That's what I get for trying to lighten my load before an inventory run.

RR: Guys seriously...I can't believe I'm saying this but...Shouldn't we be working?

Jilly Enters

J: What's going on lads? Autopilot is on, we're still drifting through the Void...You haven't even engaged boosters yet Gino...We're a sitting duck.

G: I'll get to it in a minute.

J: Are you still playing that 'Chase The Dragon' game?

P: Emerald Gem!

G: Good spot pal.

RR: What the fuck? When did you two become friends?

J: So eh...Peter, I was thinking about cooking us Pasta & Meatballs a la Whelan. It's a family recipe my mam taught me...I'm really excited to cook it for you.

P: Sure...Whatever. Oooh Gino, grab that Iron Shoulder Brace!

S: Good spot Peter!

RR: What is happening!?

J: Right well eh...Come on Becks I'll...I'll start my shift a bit early today...Get us on the road properly.

RR: Yeah...Okay Jilly.

J: And just so we're clear Gino, I'm starting my shift 3 hours early so you can play your stupid game so...I expect overtime!

G: Whatever.

J: Bye Peter!

P: Enchanted Helmet 2 o'clock!

G: Great spot again Peter!

S: Grab it Gino!

J: [tuts] Whatever.


Int: The cockpit of The Green Horizon. JILLY and REDBEKKA are sat at the helm, with BERNARD on his way from engineering.

J: [tuts] Right...It's 6:45, my shift is nearly over...I need to start the dinner soon and all those feckin' eejits are still downstairs playing that fecking game.

Bernard enters

B: Jilly...RedBekka? Where's everyone else? I have an engine diagnostic I need our 'Great' captain to read over.

RR: They're all downstairs. Playing that goddamn Arcade game.

B: Still?!

J: Yep...They all missed their shifts today. It was just me and Becks here while you worked in engineering. I'm actually furious like...Right, feck it...I'm going down there and I'm going to give them all a piece of my mind.

Jilly storms off

B: Give 'em Hell Jill.

RR: [sighs]

B: Are you okay?

RR: I'm fine.

B: I mean...I can understand you not being okay...After all, this was your first day.

RR: Yup...But I'm fine.

B: Yes...I know. But, I could understand if you weren't. Gino said he'd be there-

RR: And he wasn't...Big deal.

B: I like your uniform by the way...Just missing the suspenders.


B: We're all very proud of you.

RR: [Angry, tearful] Do I mean that fucking little to them?!

B: What? No...Of course not.

RR: Then where the fuck are they?! Oh right...Downstairs. Playing a stupid fucking video game instead of being here and...And...Not fucking ditching me.

B: [sighs] I...I don't know why they're not here. But...I'm here. And I'm proud of you.

RR: Whatever...I'm done. Fuck this stupid fucking Officer shit. I'm bailing. For real this time.

B: Right...Feck this, come with me.

RR: Where are we going?

B: Where do you think? I'm sure Jilly's already given them an earful...But I want those fecking eejits to hear exactly what you said.

RR: That's the best suggestion I've heard all day.


Int: The Airlock of The Green Horizon. ALL CAST.

Bernard and RedBekka enter,

B: [angry] Alright lads time to....Hang on, Jilly...What are you doing?

Jilly is staring at the game, just like the others

J: [distracted] What?

RR: Did you tell the guys off...Like you said you would?

J: What? No...eh, lads come over here and look at the game it's...Amazing.

B: What's so visually appealing about an old arcade game?

G: Bernard...You just don't understand. There's sooo much you can do. You have to go on quests, fight monsters and tend to your farm and crops. There's even random chores you have to do like feed your horse and wash your clothes it's so realistic!

B: I have enough chores to do during the day why would I want to do them in a video game?

P: [tuts] He just doesn't understand.

S: [Vacant] He doesn't understand.

P: Skeleton 3 o'clock!

G: I got em.

Gino's character unsheaths it's sword and attacks the skeleton.

RR: Have you even fought a dragon yet?

G: [laughing] What? No I'm...No where near strong enough yet.

B: Is there even an end to the game?

J & S: [Vacant]You have to collect 50 emerald shards which unlocks a Sapphire Shard, then collect 50 Sapphire Shards to unlock a ruby shard...Then-

B: Okay okay...I get it.

P: You should join us Bernard...It's tonnes of fun.

J & S: Join us.

G: Tonnes of fun.

RR: Okay...Fuck this. I'm turning off the game. Where's the plug?

Peter pulls a gun on RedBekka

P: I'm afraid I can let you do that Becks.

RR: What the fuck?!

G: If ye'e don't want to watch...Ye'e can get out.

B: Peter?! Put down the gun this is insane! Sonya! Jilly?!

J & S: [Vacant]You have to collect 50 emerald shards which unlocks a Sapphire Shard, then collect 50 Sapphire Shards to unlock a ruby shard...Then-

B: Feck sake. Come on Becks.

G: Seal the Airlock door from the Cargo Hold, Peter. Can't have them spoiling our fun again.

P: You got it.

Peter walks over and seals the Airlock.


Int: The Engine room. REDBEKKA and BERNARD.

RR: Okay...What the hell is happening?

B: Becks...I have exhausted all logical avenues of thought for an explanation as to why the rest of our crew are behaving the way they are...All that I am left with...Are the wild theories.

RR: Which are?

B: Well I'm pretty certain this isn't a fever dream...Unless Gino's special cereal is still in my system.

RR: I don't even like cereal.

B: And I doubt the guys have encountered some kind of demonic spirit-

RR: I hope not...Unless you got an Exorcist on speedial.

B: Aliens?


B&RR: Nah.

B: Okay...Here's my theory. An old engineering collegue of mine once swore that he worked on a component part that was used in the manufacturing of a device called a Mesmerizer.

RR: Sounds very...Cruise ship magic performer-y.

B: The idea floated around Engineering circles for a while...As kind of an urban legend. It was said to be a device, that used sounds, colours & symbols to trigger certain chemical responses in the brain...Pleasure or pain...Depending on how it was applied.

RR: The guys don't seem in much pain to me.

B: No they don't, do they? It was thought that, were you able to transfer a mesmerizer to an enemy ship...either transmitted or...Through an electronic device...Then it could in theory, incapacitate a large portion of the crew...Drastically reducing the ship's ability to function.

RR: Well...Mission Accomplished there. The question is...What's next?


B: I think we're about to find out. Come on Junior Officer.

RR: Where are we going?

B: Cockpit...I have a feeling whoever's approaching isn't here peacefully.

RR: Looks like Player 2 has entered the game.

B: Are we doing cheesy one-liners now?

RR: I'm trying something new.


Int: The Cockpit of The Green Horizon. BERNARD and REDBEKKA

B: Okay Becks, time to do some real officer work.

RR: I'm ready.

B: Man the comms, I've got the chair.

RR: There's a signal coming through, main screen.

PRIMUS CYDRON (PC): Cargo ship The Green Horizon. This is Primus Cydron, Captain of the Morosian Hunter-Killer 'The Cascade' and Emmisary of The Parallatax Legion.

RR: What the fuck is all that shit on that guys face?

B: Becks...He can hear you.

RR: Oh shit.

PC: How dare you speak to me in such a way!

RR: Sorry dude, but you're pretty funky looking.

B: He's a Legionnaire Becks.

RR: A what?

B: [laughs nervously] One moment Captain.

PC: Do not put me on ho-

B: Okay...Quick Galactic History Lesson. The Parallatax Legion are a group of cybernetically enhanced mercenaries based in the Aurum System.

RR: Cybernetics? Like...Implants?

B: Yes...Robotic enhancements. They worship machines and covet technology. They don't even consider themselves human.

RR: Just when I thought the universe couldn't get any weirder. Hang on-


RR: Shit! They're firing up their weapons!

B: Raise shields!


RR: Shields at 55%!

B: Patch me back!

PC appears on screen

PC: Put me on hold again, and next time I won't give you time to raise your shields.

B: Primus Cydron, this is acting Captain Bernard Dooley of The Green Horizon. Why have you approached us?

PC: Acting Captain? [laughs] Is the real one is otherwise immersed?

B: I take it the game belongs to you?

PC: Correct. All those flashing lights and brilliant colours. Does mesmeric things to an organic...Does it not? Suck weak little things you are. We set the bait...Tracked you and waited until you were hooked.

B: What do you want with us?

PC: I want nothing of you...Organic. We have scanned your vessel, and deemed it worthy of salvage. You have 10 minutes to vacate, and then we shall assume control. Do not attempt to fire upon us...Or you will be met with a hasty death.


B: Shit.

RR: Bernard?

B: Hang on Becks...[stressed] C'mon, there's got to be a way out of this. Think Bernard...Think!

RR: I think I have an idea. Remember what Gino said...About the Arcade machine breaking his handcart?

B: Yes?

RR: Well...I just looked up the manual in the Data Logs-

B: How is a broken trolley going to help us?

RR: Not the trolley...The Arcade! It says here that it's max load is 30 Tonnes....So that means the game weighs at least that much...And what's it lined with?

B: Resilium...But I don't see how-

RR: It's in the airlock right? What do you say 'Chase The Dragon' takes a one way trip on a Vacuum Jump?

B: That...That could work...A flying lump of indestructable metal would do some serious damage.

RR: The only problem is getting the guys out of there...Unless you want 4 frozen space popsicles. Can we turn off the power?

B: No... Peter pulled a gun on you just for trying to plug it out. The Mezmerizer is clearly a powerful memetic agent...There's no telling what the lads'll do if we force them off it...They could kill us.

RR: Shit...You got anything else?

B: Yes...But it's risky.

RR: I think risky is all we have.

B: I can't cut the power...But I can cut Oxygen.

RR: And hope they leave the airlock? I think the guys are too far gone for that Bernard...I honestly think they'd sooner die than pull their gaze away from the Mezmerizer.

B: No...That's not my plan, and here's where the risk comes into it. If we cut oxygen...The ship's computer will realize that the guys are about to suffocate, and take every step to stop that happening. It will try to stop me sucking out the air...But I'll overide it. It will then take next logical step ...And open the doors.

RR: And what then? They still won't come out?

B: [sighs]

RR: They won't have a choice will they?

B: I'll stop the computer opening the doors until everyone passes out. Then once the room in unsealed...You go down and drag them out.

RR: [sighs] We don't have much of a choice do we?

B: [pushes intercom] Gino? Gino answer me!

G: [over radio] What?

B: Gino...I'm sorry but...I'm cutting the oxygen. I have no choice. I hope when this is over...You'll understand.

G: But...I'm nearly at Level 69.

P: Nice.

RR: Do it.

Bernard begins sucking the oxygen out of the airlock

B: The computer's trying to stop me...I'm overriding it.

RR: They're not even moving...They're just staring at the game.

Computer beep

B: The computer's just unlocked the door...It's trying to open it...I'm blocking the command.

Alarm sounds

RR: Oxygen is dangerously low...Oh, Jilly just fell over.

G: [Gasping] Bernard! Stop...I...I Just bought a horse!

B: Gino! Go to sleep!

RR: Gino's down!

B: Sonya too.

RR: Just Peter left.

B: Peter! Go to sleep!

P: [Gasping] But...It's...Finally my turn!

RR: He's down!

B: Opening the doors!

Alarms die down.

RR: Oxygen returning to normal.

B: [sighs with relief] Okay, I just scanned their vitals and they should be okay. They'll be out for a little while but...Nothing irreversable...Hopefully.

RR: Hopefully.

B: Becks, head down to the airlock and drag the lads out. It's time to pull the plug on this little operation.

RR: Nice!


Int: The cockpit of The Green Horizon. BERNARD & REDBEKKA

Redbekka returns

RR: [out of breath] Okay...They're all out and resting comfortably in Cargo. I may or may not have drawn on them with a permanent marker...Don't judge me, I couldn't help it.

B: Good work.

Computer beeps

B: Just in time too...Becks take comms...It's time to give these Legionairres their game back.

Monitor turns on

PC: "Your time is up. Drop your shields and prepare for our arrival...Do not resist.

B: Of course Primus. Please, allow us manoever our airlock to the broadside of your ship and we will engage docking procedure.

Booster engages

PC: "You organics. So polite, so pitiful. You would give up your ship so easily...I would kill you, but it would be as to kill an insect.

B: We're lined up Primus...Ready to dock.

PC: Good..

B: Yes...Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. You see, we may just be weak organics...But we've learned a few things...For instance, never trust a kindly old man in a Hawaiian shirt...Space Cannibals...They're a real thing...And, most importantly...Never underestimate the crew of a small cargo hauler by the name of The Green Horizon. Becks lower the shields.

Sounds of the shields lowering

PC: What are you talking about?

B: You can have your arcade back, Cydron... We don't want it. As a semi-wise man once said...Resilium is a pretty gnarly substance. Especially if you blast 30 tonnes of it out the airlock.

PC: No!

B: Game over.

RR: Watch this motherfucker!

Becks hits the airlock 'Open' button. The arcade flies from TGH, and strikes the Cascade.

B: Direct hit!

RR: It's exploding!

B: Brace for impact!

The Green Horizon shudders violently from the explosion. After a moment it settles.

B: Becks...Are you okay?


B: Becks?!

RR: Holy shit! Did you see that?! That was the most badass shit I've ever fucking seen! My heart...It's going a lightyear a second!

B: Are you okay?

RR: Maybe? Yes? I don't know! All I know is...I wanna do that again!

B: So I take it you're back in the programme then?

Intercom clicks

G: Ehhh...Lads? What's going on? Why have I awoken on top of Peter in the cargo hold and why has my beautiful head been defaced with such profanities?

J: Haha cocknose! Mine just says 'PEN 15'...Oh wait.


Int: RedBekka's Room. GINO knocks on the door.

RR: Come in.

G: Hey! How ya getting on?

RR: I'm good...Sorry I didn't stick around for the debrief...All that Space War stuff kinda took it out of me...Not even including the full shift I worked before it happened...Not that you'd know.

G: Yeah...Look...I'm sorry.

RR: Don't be...I know it wasn't you. Plus you're like the fourth person to apologize to me.

G: Oh really?

RR: Yeah, Peter felt especially guilty considering he...Y'know, [imitates gun clicking sound]. I actually felt sorry for him...He even offered to do my laundry for six months.

G: Did you take him up on that?

RR: Yeah! I'm sympathetic not a sucker!

G: [laughs] So...Bernard tells me it was all your idea. Seems like you're further along the Officers path than I thought.

RR: Yeah...You can retire now if you want.

G: I might just take you up on that.

RR: So what's the plan now?

G: Well all this Mezmerizer fuckery has us late for our meet-up with The Providence. I've already contacted them and told them what happened and they've agreed to uphold the contract and extend it by 48 hours.

RR: Nice...But, we won't need 2 days will we? We're only a couple hours at Max Light.

G: Oh no, we're not heading for The Providence. We're going back to The New Spokane where Peter will gently and ever so politely make that Pawnbroker wish he never sold that game to me.

RR: Nice...Take a picture for me. [yawns] I'm gonna go to sleep, long day you know?

G: No hassle...And, well done. I don't have any commendation medals on me but...If I did-

RR: Goodnight...Captain.

G: [sighs] Goodnight...Ms. Roy.

Gino closes the door

BERNARD approaches

B: Gino...A word?

G: Spaghetti.

B: No, seriously.

G: Alright, what's up?

B: I'm worried Gino. The Parallatax Legion, here in Prometheus. There's no reports of them existing outside of the Aurum system.

G: [sighs] Look, I wouldn't be too worried. Chances are it's just a rogue Primus, out here stirring shite and chancing their cybernetic arm.

B: Or...Our actions are having unforseen consequences. We killed the King...There's always going to be powerful people vying for the crown. Maybe the Legion thinks it's their turn to be Lord Sterling's lapdogs.

G: We can't make any huge assumptions like that Berny based off of one ship. But you are right about one thing...King's left a hole. As well as that it's become pretty obvious that the Order isn't in control anymore...At least not out here.

B: What are you saying?

G: We need to go further. Out beyond the Tantam Void.

B: The Erebos Belt?

G: Yeah. Nothing but Asteroids and Mining sites out in the Belt. We'll complete our contract for The Providence and make our way then.

B: You may be right, it's an easy place to hide amongst all those rocks.

G: I hope so Bernard. Because if the Belt doesn't work...The only place left... Is Frontier Space.

B: Well hopefully it doesn't come to that. I'm heading to the Canteen...You coming?

G: Yeah...I'll be down in a sec.

B: See you there...Captain.

Bernard leaves

G: [sighs] Fuck sake.

Sounds of Ferret chattering in the walls

G: What? Hey! Frank! Get out of the walls!

Gino bangs the wall, suddenly another ferret appears in front of him.

G: What the fuck? Frank? If you're there then...Who's in the wall?

Gino then realizes there's more than one Ferret.

G: Jilly!


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